Guitar lesson: Here without you 2/3 – 3 Doors Down – Instructional Video / YoutubeTutorial

Learn how to play “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down on electric or acoustic guitar with this free online instructional youtube tutorial / instructional video. In this lesson I cover the chorus, in the next lesson we’ll look at the bridge and outro…

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This lesson is basically a “by ear transcription” that i did but i’ve checked a video or 2 to make it accurate enough. This could mean that the guitarplayer plays certain chords or riffs with a different fingering or at places the picking pattern could be slightly different. I am confident though that the tutorial should be pretty ok…

Chances are that I don’t cover each and every variation to the theme or chorus, but this tutorial should give you a solid base for those few alterations that are played in the original song.

Important note: I’m trying out new video editing software so not everything is as should be. Final cut pro x is nice to work with but certain things are really different. Cause of lack of time these things will progress slowly…

Anyway, enjoy this new video!


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