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Over 130K students study with me on YouTube and enjoy my simple approach to the guitar. Join them now and start your journey today!


Join me at Patreon and get more out of Your Guitar Workshop!

Join me at patreon and make the most of the lessons I post on my youtube channel!

Andre Van Berlo Guitar Instructor

Early Access

Get to see new content before anyone else! If fact, some videos are only available for patrons!


It is tough to remember everything from a video, that’s why most videos (not all) come with tab downloads so you can follow along with ease.

Live Streams

This is a chance for you to connect with me and share your thoughts, ask questions and get instant answers.


You can contact me and ask your questions.

Beginner Guitar Course

“From Beginner To Guitarist” with fun, step-by-step lessons!

Do you want to spend your precious time patching together random videos or are you ready to take your first step to achieve your goals.


A self-paced course that is structured with clearly focused modules and topics.

Download Materials

To prevent having students in front of a screen all the time, all practice guides and materials can be downloaded for offline learning.


Instructional videos, play along tracks, and images for quick visual understanding of a problem.

Video Messaging

No need to wait for a scheduled zoom call. Send video, audio or text messages and be notified when you get your reply.

Song Lessons

Pick your favourite songs from hundreds of free(!) lessons

Free doesn’t have to mean “bad”. My song tutorials are in great detail where you learn not just what to play but also picking, fingerings, articulation, and more.

Many Styles

I have a broad musical interest so you can find Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Classical, and much more.

Acoustic & Electric

Lessons are provided on both types of guitars because each style asks for its own instrument.


Due to copyright issues there are no on screen tabs anymore but they are still available via mymusicsheet and patreon.

Free & Premium

Song lessons are free but for a next level learning experience check out my song lessons at Fretzealot.com

Find your path, take the journey

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In the past 30+ years I’ve helped hundreds of private students reach beyond their goals. You don’t have to do it all on your own, let’s do this together!


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