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TitleArtist/BandContentDifficultyDownload TAB/mp3
Life By The DropStevie Ray VaughanGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Deep River Blues Doc WatsonDoc WatsonGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
La BambaLos Lobos, Ritchie ValensGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
TimeMateus AsatoGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
In Spite Of OurselvesJohn PrineGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
It's Never Too LateTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Banana PancakesJack JohnsonGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Feather On The ClydePassengerGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Komorebi 木漏れ日Mateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Is This LoveBob MarleyGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Redemption SongBob MarleyGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Stir It UpBob MarleyGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Take Me Home Country RoadsJohn DenverGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Hey There DelilahPlain White T'sGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Grandma's HandsBill WithersGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Ain't No SunshineBill WithersGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
BlackbirdBeatlesGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Minor SwingDjango ReinhardtGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Ready MadeRed Hot Chili PeppersGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Day Tripper / Lady Madonna MedleyTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
The PainMateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Melancolia Melodiosa VibranteMateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
North (天の目)Mateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Mr Sandman Chet AtkinsChet AtkinsGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Song For A Rainy MorningTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
The Wide OceanTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Sail OnTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Let It Be - Mateus Asato (Fingerstyle)Mateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Don't Dream It's Over (Fingerstyle)Mateus AsatoGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Time After TimeCyndi LauperGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Time In A BottleJim CroceGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
It's Probably MeEric Clapton, StingGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Gypsy Jazz Intro - Armando's Rhumba (by Stochelo Rosenberg)Rosenberg Trio, Stochelo RosenbergGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
Say You Won't Let GoJames ArthurGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3
Gravity - Where The Light IsJohn MayerGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Major Pentatonic Scale From CAGED ChordsAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
CAGED System: Fretboard KnowledgeAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3Download
Fretboard Knowledge: Notes And IntervalsAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryEasy - Level 2Download
Technique: Combine Bending and Vibrato Guitar LessonAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4
Jimmy Herring Blues LicksJimmy HerringGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Guitar Tone: Create a thick, warm blues sound without EQ!Andre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3
Improvisation with 6th intervals: Create beautiful harmonic blues licksGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
Windy And WarmTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Ho HeyLumineersGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Symmetric Dominant Scale: Creating the Robben Ford SoundRobben FordGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
Third Intervals: Creating The John Mayer SoundAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3Download
Chord Tones & Intervals: Choosing Your SoundAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4
3 Essential Minor Modes: Aeolian Dorian and Phrygian ModeAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
Pentatonic Scale Across The Neck (2/3 system)Andre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
AngelaLumineersGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Phrygian Mode: Using The Pentatonic Scale As A FoundationAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3Download
Dorian Mode: Using The Pentatonic Scale As A FoundationAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3Download
Pinch HarmonicsAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3
Aeolian Mode: Using the Minor Pentatonic Scale A FoundationAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryAdvanced - Level 4Download
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room [Live In LA]John MayerGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Pride And JoyStevie Ray VaughanGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Classical GasTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
Romeo And JulietDire StraitsGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
5 Positions Of The Minor Pentatonic And Blues Scale PatternsAndre van BerloGuitar Technique And TheoryIntermediate - Level 3Download
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvanaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Perfect (Acoustic)Ed SheeranGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Wish You Were HerePink FloydGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Sweet Home AlabamaLynyrd SkynyrdGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
If It Hadn't Been For LoveAdeleGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Sweet Child O Mine (Slash)Guns N RosesGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
More Than WordsExtremeGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
AngelinaTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Those Who WaitTommy EmmanuelGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
505Arctic MonkeysGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Sad But TrueMetallicaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray CyrusGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Chasing CarsSnow PatrolGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2
Lean On - Peter Gergely ArrangementMajor Lazer, Peter GergelyGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4
HelloAdeleGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Estudio En Mi Menor - F. TarregaFrancisco TarregaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
What Do You Mean (Andrew Foy)Andrew Foy, Justin BieberGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
La Catedral - Preludio SaudadeAgustin BarriosGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Stitches - Acoustic ft Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld, Shawn MendesGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
The Scientist (Acoustic)ColdplayGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Baptism By FireACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Rock or BustACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Emission ControlACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Rock The HouseACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Miss AdventureACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
I'm A MessEd SheeranGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
PhotographEd SheeranGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Hearts On Fire (Acoustic)PassengerGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Thinking Out LoudEd SheeranGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
John Mayer Blues LickJohn MayerGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4
Johnny B Goode Intro SoloChuck BerryGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4, Intermediate - Level 3
New Years Day LicksCarl VerheyenGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4
Joe Bonamassa Blues LicksJoe BonamassaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4
Nothing Else MattersMetallicaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Master Of PuppetsMetallicaGuitar LessonExpert - Level 5Download
OrionMetallicaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
The Call Of KtuluMetallicaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Fade To BlackMetallicaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Battery MetallicaMetallicaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Come As You AreNirvanaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Smoke On The WaterDeep PurpleGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Problem ChildACDCGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Dust In The WindKansasGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Jeux Interdits / Spanish RomanceAndre van BerloGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
The Ballad Of Mona Lisa (Acoustic)Panic At The DiscoGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3
Snow (Hey Oh)Red Hot Chili PeppersGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
CalifornicationRed Hot Chili PeppersGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Welcome Home SanitariumMetallicaGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Highway To HellACDCGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Coins In A Fountain (Acoustic)PassengerGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Tears In Heaven MTV UnpluggedEric ClaptonGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Song Of YesterdayBlack Country CommunionGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Kryptonite3 Doors DownGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
HolesPassengerGuitar LessonEasy - Level 2Download
Rock N Roll TrainACDCGuitar LessonDownload
Wanted Dead Or AliveBon JoviGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Hells BellsACDCGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Let Her Go (Acoustic)PassengerGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Riviera ParadiseSRV, Stevie Ray VaughanGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Behind Blue Eyes (Limp Bizkit Version)Limp BizkitGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
FragileStingGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
For Whom The Bell TollsMetallicaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Walk This WayAerosmithGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Here Without You3 Doors DownGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Every Breath You TakeThe PoliceGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
BombtrackRage Against The MachineGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3
Be Like That3 Doors DownGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Everybody HurtsR.E.M.Guitar LessonEasy - Level 2
Man In The MiddleBlack Country CommunionGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3
Away From The Sun3 Doors DownGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3
Shape Of My HeartDominic Miller, StingGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
Road TrippinRed Hot Chili PeppersGuitar LessonAdvanced - Level 4Download
Seek And DestroyMetallicaGuitar LessonIntermediate - Level 3Download
The ExtremistJoe SatrianiJam Track
Crushing DayJoe SatrianiJam Track
More Than WordsExtremeJam Track
I Don't Need No DoctorJohn MayerJam Track
Steal Your Heart AwayJoe BonamassaJam Track
Spanish BootsJoe BonamassaJam TrackDownload
Always On The RunLenny KravitzJam TrackDownload
Summer SongJoe SatrianiJam TrackDownload
The Forgotten Part 2Joe SatrianiJam TrackDownload
Story Of A QuarrymanJoe BonamassaJam TrackDownload
CryinJoe SatrianiJam Track
Always With Me Always With YouJoe SatrianiJam Track
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